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Meet the Account Executive Power Couple, Alla & Vitaliy Tsvor

Alla and Vitaliy Tsvor are not your typical account executives at Fine Designs. Together they bring in sales of over a million each year. They accomplished this working remotely for our New England region. Born in Belarus, their families immigrated to the United States when they were children. Alla and Vitaliy work. They have secured partnerships with Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League, New Hampshire Youth Lacrosse, Seacoast United Soccer Club, Lakefront Soccer Club, Connecticut Football Club, Millenium Running and Swim Pro Aquatics. We thought we’d give you an inside look at their lives and how they have risen to success.


Can you share a little bit more about your roles at Fine Designs?

Alla: In 2007, I went to an event that Fine Designs was doing merchandise for, as a sales rep for the first time. I was a student at that point in my life, and this was a weekend job for me. This gave me rest of the week off, so I could study full time. I think that Fine Designs puts so many young talented people through college. Eventually, in March 2011, while working as a substitute teacher (that was like my 10th job at that time), I got a call from Irina Podolyanchuk (my current manager), who asked if I was interested in an opportunity to try being an account executive & managing client relations. What I didn’t know is that this job would change my life, and give me so many valuable opportunities, and practical lessons. Currently, I work with about a hundred organizations, connecting their events with Fine Designs event apparel services.

Vitaliy: I started out doing on-site sales as well, which was around 2011. I came to enjoy it quite a lot, as it gave me an opportunity to travel to new places. I also loved meeting and interacting with so many different people, from tournament directors to customers. I put my best effort into it for a few years. Eventually (around the time that we got married with Alla in 2013), I came to realize, that I wanted to take on a bigger challenge. In 2014, I became an account executive. After 3-4 months, I was talking to Alla and we realized that if I helped manage her current accounts she would have so much more time reaching out to new clients. After giving this a try, we realized that our productivity and results increased exponentially. It was a 1+1 = 11 scenario.

How did you both meet?

Alla: There is not much of a story, besides the fact that Vitaliy’s parents knew my family well back in Belarus. Both Vitaliy and I were born in Belarus and eventually, both of our families immigrated to the United States, where we grew up in the same community in Massachusetts. We dated for about 7 years prior to getting married, and it will be our 5th anniversary this September. What I can say is that at the heart of our relationship is a great friendship.

From what I understand, you both do quite a bit of traveling. How does your job fit in with that?

Vitaliy: Well, to be honest, right now we are taking a break from traveling, and currently living in Los Angeles (which we love). I have learned many valuable lessons from Fine Designs, and trust is one of them. Our manager Irina trusted that we can be productive while working remotely. We gave it a try, spent some time in New York, after which we lived abroad in Europe for about a year, spent a few months in Portugal, then Berlin and eventually ended up in California. I know that some people wouldn’t be able to do it. I guess it comes down to personal work ethic, which I learned from working at Fine Designs. It’s an amazing time to be alive, where a little bit of Wifi, goes a long way!

Alla: I actually enjoy connecting with my clients, while being in different time zones. For example, when we were in Europe, we are around 6 hours ahead of the United States. It was pretty awesome because 3pm there is 9am EST, which gave me an opportunity to do so much during the day. However, now that I live in California I often get 6am calls, on a Saturday, like “I want another sweatshirt” LOL… We are 3 hours behind the East coast. But I don’t mind, it keeps things interesting.

What are your favorite places to visit?

Alla: The Almafi Coast in Italy was one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and breathtaking places I have ever been to. If you ever go to Italy, driving down Almafi coast is a must. However, my first pick would be Los Angeles, CA. This city took me by surprise. For me, it’s a combination of an amazing climate, fashion scene, and incredible food scene (there are over 700 food trucks driving around LA). Everyone who works in the creative industry is so inspiring and driven, from actors to musicians, young entrepreneurs,to start-up fashion houses.

Vitaliy: Hands down, Berlin Germany. It’s such a vibrant culture and has an amazing food and music scene.

What do you like most about your job?

Alla: That it is ever-changing. I rotate between my home desk, coffee shops, and the business center in my building. I need variation, or to feel like I’m stepping into somewhere where others are being productive. It feels like I’m not alone in that way.
What else? –– I love a good challenge & this job provides that! I found myself in a place where I could use my skills, see progress, make a contribution. I’m definitely not bored!

Fashion seems to be a big passion for you both. Have you always been interested in it?

Alla: I’m a total shopaholic who is inspired by youth culture & street fashion! The thing is, I liked fashion from a young age. However, it was a bit concealed for me until I started traveling & seeing the world for what it is. Through fashion, I felt like I could talk to anybody. It’s then that I understood the significance of having your own taste. I am not an expert in the history of fashion, but what I am good at, is understanding (intuitively), how clothes make us all feel and the stories we create with them.

Vitaliy: It’s funny because one of my friends from Paris recently told me that he thinks I have good taste in clothes. I thought he was joking! Actually, my sister Alina, who is a photographer in Chicago, told me about designers like Gosha Rubchinsky, who in the last few years brought back the retro 1980 Russian street sportswear style (think Adidas tracksuits). I was like “Oh that’s what I wore when I was a kid, cool, I’ll wear it now”. But Alla has got way cooler taste than me, I always check in with her before going out.

So, Fine Designs recently implemented Salesforce. How has this impacted your workflow?

Vitaliy: Salesforce is such a huge improvement for both of our workflows. It’s an incredible and easy to use tool. It has allowed me to prioritize my work day with precision and most importantly keep track of everything. Every time I meet someone who is in marketing or sales say that Salesforce is their dream platform and that I’m lucky to use it. I think everyone at Fine Designs has seen tremendous growth in both their productivity and time management.

What is some of the best career advice you’ve received?

Alla: Patience, is first.. and just keep jumping off cliffs (taking risks) is second.
Vitaliy: “Gratitude and empathy will always win in the long term” – Gary Vanerchuk

5 things you can’t live without:


  1. Eye contacts
  2. Workout routine
  3. iPhone
  4. Clothes (my closet is ever changing)
  5. Roasted Cashews


  1. .Coffee (Kenyan beans, air pressed)
  2. Ableton (music production software)
  3. Insta Stories
  4. French Fries
  5. Dry Shampoo (currently hyped about it)

As an account executive, you get to know event directors pretty well. Do you have any stories you’d like to share?

Alla: One of my clients, has been running a cheer event that was created in memory of her daughter who passed away due to an accident. She was very touched and emotional when I told her that I’m aware of what this meet means to her and how we can help support it. I learned that doing a little bit of research and having empathy for people goes a long way.

What do you think sets Fine Designs apart from other event apparel companies?

Alla: That would definitely be the culture of Fine Designs, which can be summarized as this – People Come First.

What kind of impact do you think Fine Designs is making in the sports community for children and youth?

Vitaliy: In my opinion, the youth sports culture is significant, because it provides an environment for kids to learn teamwork and discipline. These skills are essential in our rapidly changing economy, no matter where life takes them. Our service model of providing customized apparel caters to that. Most parents want to reward their child’s effort, and instill a competitive edge.