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Event Merchandising In-house vs. with Fine Designs

How it works

The numbers in this case study show the average spending that an event director would have to face even before the event has started if they were doing it themselves (in-house). We did not include the marketing costs, because it dramatically varies depending on location, size, and other factors.

We also understand that time is so valuable that we even included the number of hours that an event director might spend.

With Fine Designs, an event director would not even have to incur any up-front costs. Our turn-key solution eliminates all stock merchandise, as well as preparation and organizational expenses for event directors. We have received a tremendous amount of great feedback about how relieved event directors were when they partnered with Fine Designs.

  • No Hassle
  • No Leftovers
  • Professional Sales Representatives
  • More Apparel Choices
  • Apparel Customization Options
  • Complimentary In-House Art Department

Working with us is FreeProfitableEasyFun

Sales With Fine Designs

The sales more than double when variety and customization are added to the merchandise. Participants and fans can personalize their item and leave feeling very satisfied with their purchase.

This strategy can achieve results that make the event merchandising process easier, and much more profitable.

  • Apparel Customization
  • Additional Generic Logos
  • Great Customer Service
  • Guaranteed Profit