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Giving Back


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Investing in Youth

Fine Designs is committed to community involvement. Each event, we donate a percentage of our sales to the hosting organization, supporting local athletics, music, and arts clubs. We believe that when young people engage in these activities, the benefits last their whole life, learning discipline, teamwork, and how to handle adversity. Statistics show that they are more likely to succeed.

“The most rewarding experience an individual may have is to help others unlock their potential.”    – Victor Kostroub, CEO

Giving Philosophy

Each one of our 22 Fine Designs offices donate leftover display shirts to local charities.  That’s more than 600 shirts donated every week. Our offices across the United States donate to low-income area elementary schools, local homeless shelters, missionary organizations, orphanages, youth outreach, homeless shelters, food banks, rehabilitation centers, overseas missionary organizations, and various other charities as well.  In total, we’ve donated over 10 million dollars over the past 20 years.


Everyone’s job at Fine Designs is to serve, from the top down. The reason for going to work and providing apparel at events is to bless others. Through building friendships with customers and being good neighbors by supporting our communities, we believe that giving is our higher calling.

Our Focus

  • To give back to the communities where we serve
  • To empower local clubs and organizations to continue to invest in children and teens
  • To bless others with what God has given us

Non-Profits That We Support

  • The Salvation Army
  • Many Hands For Haiti
  • Meals from the Heartland
  • Agape for Orphans
  • Local Firefighters and Police Officers
  • Youth & Shelter Services, Inc.

At all of our offices, everyday behavior and decision-making is built upon these values. We believe that by living our values, day in and day out we will make a difference in each community where we serve. It is a privilege for Fine Designs to make achievements memorable by providing customized on-site and online apparel.