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Your art team turns around masterpieces in no-time

Another year of CEVA Regionals has wrapped up and we feel like we couldn’t be any happier with you and your team at Fine Designs! Everything from your team’s energetic personalities during set-up (they don’t complain about a thing!), to their positive vibes while pressing shirts/sweatshirts all day long. They’re on their feet 10+ hours a day and maintain their great energy, they are engaging and so easy to be around. They probably deal with more people than any other vendor or person at this tournament and they remain smiling, cool and accommodating.

Your art team turns around masterpieces in no-time and regardless of the tweaks we ask them to make, they make them, effortlessly.

Anna and Jessica were amazing at checking in with sizing/art for pre-printed shirts for our Staff, and asking for lists of all the teams registered so that they could be printed on shirts for both weekends. People loved it!

We love having you at our events and we love the product you have make for our members to commemorate their club season.

Thanks for another successful year!

Alix Montoya

Membership & Communications Manager
Columbia Empire Volleyball Association

4840 SW Western Avenue, Suite 450
Beaverton, OR 97005