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Announcement: Fine Designs Australia

Australia, here we come!
After numerous requests and months of preparation, we are proud to announce that today Fine Designs is fully operational in Australia. Our goal is to be local everywhere. That is why our highly trained team is dedicated to a given region for service to its customers on a personal level as well as to support local communities.

Fine Designs has created many memories in all parts of the world by providing customized-onsite apparel. Through Fine Designs’ prints, athletes and fans have been proudly wearing their achievement marks and slogans long after their victories, inspiring their friends and supporters.

Long-lasting success is in Fine Designs commitment to take the merchandising load off of the event organizer while providing participants and fans with popular apparel garments. That means that with Fine Designs, an event director does not have to worry about inventory, staff, accessories and applications – everything is taken care of at the highest level, with no out of pocket cost. From the other side – consumers love their branded and personalized items which always increase the prestige and energy of the event itself.

Australia is the land of the extraordinary, where people love sports and are proud of their victories. Fine Designs is now becoming a part of making those achievements, memories, and experiences last much longer.

Thank you, Australia for your persistence and warm welcome. Let’s Make Achievements Memorable!

If you have any questions or would like to have Fine Designs at your event, please contact Dmitriy Gering by email: or by phone: 0450244377. If you are calling from outside of Australia please dial 61450244377.
Victor Kostroub
CEO, Fine Designs