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Nothing else came close…

Mike Pipkins

If you are considering using Fine Designs I can say you will not be disappointed. If you have questions they will answer them in a timely manner, if problems come up they deal with them quickly and with them it is never the customers fault. They work hard to make it right.

President’s Day Tournament Co-Director

If you are a Tournament Director or Event Planner and are looking for someone to handle all of your apparel needs, then Fine Designs is the company you want to use. We have worked with them for about the last 4 years with both our President’s Day Tournament and prior to that our Colorado Cup Tournament. Prior to that we had tried other companies and also tried to do it in house and nothing else came close to the success we are having with Fine Designs.

Nothing else came close to the success we are having with Fine Designs.

Since we started using Fine Designs our stress level during the tournaments has gone down and we do not have to worry about anything. The work that they preform prior to the event from helping with design to setting up a website for pre-sales is something others do not offer. They show up to the event with the latest colors and styles of clothing and people are excited to buy.

Recently, during a trip to Dallas we had the opportunity to tour Fine Designs facilities and meet with the owners. You will not find a group of people who will work harder to ensure the success of your apparel sales. The bottom line is these people care and we had both the chance to see it in their faces and here it in their voices. I have been in several apparel print shops and Fine Designs is by far the nicest and most efficient ones I have ever seen.

Mike Pipkins,
President’s Day Tournament Co-Director
Colorado Springs Amateur Hockey Association