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Top 8 Events

28 Mar 2018, Posted by Abby Rinzel in Blog

We have been pretty busy during the past few months here at Fine Designs. So in no particular order, we’ve listed our top 8 events below. Check it out!

Chat with Loek Van Zijl from Premier International Tours

15 Mar 2018, Posted by Abby Rinzel in Blog

Here at Fine Designs, we’ve been partnering with Premier International Tours for several years now providing the official event apparel at the Iber Cup and the Dallas International Girls Cup. Premier International Tours is unique in that they not only organize tournaments, they organize international soccer tours for teams. We had a chat with the founder and President, Loek Van Zijl, to learn more about the company.

Meet Chris Friant from Jeff Cup

27 Feb 2018, Posted by Abby Rinzel in Blog

In a few short weeks, soccer teams from all over the United States will be traveling to Richmond, Virginia to compete in the Jefferson Cup. This tournament accepts over 1000 teams from around 36 States throughout the country. In 2017, the Jefferson Cup Boys Showcase Weekend was ranked the #1 overall youth tournament in the United States. We’ve partnered with Jeff Cup for many years now and over that time have gotten to know the tournament director, Chris Friant, pretty well. To manage a tournament like this requires a lot of patience and skill. We thought it would be a great time to have a chat with him to see how he does it all.

15 Minutes with Mitch Bohnak

09 Feb 2018, Posted by Abby Rinzel in Blog

Meet Mitch Bohnak! He is the tournament director for Saint Louis Scott Galagher Soccer Club, also known as SLSG. They have teams in both Missouri and Illinois. We’ve worked with him for several years now and thought you should get the chance to get know him too.

Employee Spotlight: Meet Michael Roberts

25 Jan 2018, Posted by Abby Rinzel in Blog

Welcome to our second installment of employee spotlight! Today you’ll get to meet one of our account executives, Michael Roberts. He works out of our Dallas, Texas office.

2017 – Fine Designs Year In Review

04 Jan 2018, Posted by Abby Rinzel in Blog

What a great year it’s been! Each season has its peaks and valleys, however, we’ve seen more growth than ever before. If we could use one word to describe this year it would be ‘Synergy’. We made a lot of changes to better serve our customers…