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Uk Blog Post 1

30 May 2017, Posted by Vlad Dzhidzhiyeshvili in Blog, UK - Blog

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Lets Make Achievements Memorable – Manhattan HS XC Invitational

27 Jan 2017, Posted by Abby Rinzel in Blog

Since 1973, Manhattan HS XC Invitational has been providing a matchless experience for thousands of competitors in the beautiful borough of the Bronx in New York City. And now with 0ver 10,000 competitors on the field, Fine Designs is thrilled to provide customizable apparel for athletes and fans.

Wyoming High School Activities Association becoming official event-merchandising partner!

19 Feb 2016, Posted by Abby Rinzel in Blog

Under the leadership of Commissioner Ron Laird, Wyoming High School Activities Association hosts over 70 events a year, including 26 different sports and activities, ranging from soccer and volleyball, to debate and marching band competitions.

“In my 12 years with WHSAA, one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in the past with merchandising,” Ron recalled, “has been that a single event can have venues that are 400 miles apart! Coupled with the fact that we have multiple events a weekend, we needed a partner that could staff all of our events across the state. Fine Designs has been able to meet those challenges and has provided us with one-stop-shop merchandising solutions.”