Fine Designs | 2017 TYFA State Football Championships



2017 TYFA State Football Championships

Category: Football


December 16-17, 2017


It was a privilege for Fine Designs to provide customized event apparel for the TYFA State Football Championships. Achievements will always inspire young people to rich for more. Achievements will always have a story to tell. Well, Fine Designs loves making achievements memorable by customizing t-shirts right at the event with their achievement imprinted.

TYFA State Football Championships is hosted by Texas Youth Football & Cheerleading Association, which is ‘TYFA’ for short. The mission of TYFA is to provide young athletes with opportunities to compete and win at some of the highest levels of youth football and cheer in an environment free from discrimination.

TYFA’s vision is to serve as a catalyst for stimulating Football and Cheer in the State of Texas and to play a major role in unifying all the leagues in Texas under one set of rules.

TYFA is one of the largest independent Leagues in the country; the largest in Texas.

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