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Michael Roberts


Senior Account Executive



OFFICE: 800.966.0737
MOBILE: 512.547.0513
FAX: 214.594.0209

M ichael has been working with the Fine Designs Team since July 2014. He currently resides in Dallas with his beautiful wife. He lived most of his life in Italy, where he studied literature and acting. He later moved to Austin, working and excelling in the online travel marketing industry.

Michael speaks four languages and loves to read. He also enjoys playing and watching a numbers of sports, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, racquetball, rollerblading, team handball, ultimate frisbee, tennis, table tennis, water skiing, running, cycling, football, etc.

His goal is to ensure that national sports organizations, local and national championships, large scale cultural and music festivals, state high school athletics associations as well as all other sizable events increase their prestige, revenue, and success by partnering with Fine Designs’ onsite and online merchandising sales.